You Still Had To Stand Out In The Pouring Rain… Night 1 and 3/4ths In Camden.

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Andy Matz says:

I was only at night 2 (June 2,2018). Here's my feeling on the 'rain'. If you looked at the radar or checked weather reports, BAD WEATHER was headed our way. S&^t happens, I understand.. but with the KNOWN BAD WEATHER APPROACHING, why couldn't the boys get off their butts and start the show at 7:00, instead of the usual half hour delay?… and perhaps cut into their R&R during the intermission. You start at 7, take a 1/2 hour not 45 minutes and BOOM, you get the show in. You perform outdoor shows, you take a look at the weather and make adjustments. I am livid… being that I drove from Long Island and didnt see a full show, when I could have.

Stagger Lee says:

The paranoia over weather related fan safety was created when Sugarland and the venue they were at got sued after the stage collapsed during a windstorm and killed some fans.

Doug Pallman says:

We live in soft times…they should have waited it out. Pathetic. Though, I personally think this band is about to take off. Camden n1 was great. I love catching every show!!!

Jerry Garcia says:

I wish they would retire Playing in the Band for good. So overplayed and boring. Give it a rest. This band needs to mix it up a bit more. They have to quickly settled into predictable and redundant set lists. The music exploration is not really existent anymore, yet this band is still greater than most bands out there. They are not in top form but their musical philosophy and passion make them legends.

Joseph Ferguson says:

who can the weather command

Joseph Ferguson says:

Other one Macbeth

Joseph Ferguson says:

music never stopped better than last summer Fenway opener and Boston garden fall when Bobby cut it short because of Curfew

Joseph Ferguson says:

hugged Sam Cutler last year doing Cumberland he didn't have a ticket helped bunch of people get in over fence

Samoset Seafarm says:

Phish is king…come on brah…I love D&C but that "king" line was some serious hyperbole…I hope you are paying creative royalties to FZappa20

Pun2404 says:

Anyone else feeling groovy too? (~);}
Thanks Dean, just finding your niche I dig it, keep kicking ass brother. You going to the Alpine Valley run, or couchin’ it?

firstube says:

Damn bro you haven't figured out this cash grab group sucks yet?

Tony S. says:

See yah in Hartfud!

artthurlange says:

Yo Popeye, what do u know bout sucking semen out of sailors ???

Max Sturm says:

loved the video! they really are picking up steam it feels like, that second set was really cookin up to be wild. PSYCHED for all those lockn sets! Question, are you hitting every stop of the tour? if not, which will you be at, would love to run into you on the road!

douglas jardine says:

haha dead and company wtf am i doing here? accident i guess!

art waight says:

I think a great dis-service has been served. Since removing the word GRATEFUL from the band's name. Now it just seems like the true aim is PROFITABLE, instead of Gratitude. just thinking out loud.

Bobo86 says:

When Easy Answers started up after what seemed like the strongest 1st set of the tour (so far) my jaw dropped, thinking 'really?' but I was surprised my long standing distaste for that tune was temporarily overcome toward the end as the energy & interplay sounded just as on point as the best moments of the set. 2nd set reminded me of why I'll pay & travel to see these guys; even through the stream it seemed pretty apparent that they were undoubtedly 'ON', didn't sound like it was dragging or flat, didn't sound like they were trying to get it going, just sounding like iT was happening & doing iT's thing in those PITB>UJB jams. Can only imagine how good the rest of the set might have been. Until Sat thought we might have been in for an iffy tour & shows that regularly lack spark, now I'm feeling like they're gonna be getting it going higher & deeper as the tour gets going

James Lauth says:

You're the best, Dean!!…….Tell it like it is!

Darrin Wahlberg says:

Mayer strength is his Blues style songs for sure … different souls equals different renditions of the classics

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