Bob Weir and Jackie Greene Tri Studios 12-5-2012

Video of the 1st minute and 35 seconds is missing. (the beginning of Birdsong..sorry)
Tri Studios

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12Radius says:

This is cool-banjo in the 1st tune.

c jamz says:

guitar lessons. love it!

toniann brooklyngirl says:


ChazBikeTunes says:

darn tasty! 

bulltastik says:

Oh my…this was the best 1:04:49 acoustic auditory experience I have
enjoyed in quite some time. Thanks for sharing


These two really compliment each other . I think that TRI Studios is doing
some wonderful things for the up and coming artist they have published on
the tube. I have definitely become a Jackie Green fan .

ZDW95 says:

Very cool China Rider

Kelly Wilson says:

Lighten up

Charlie Ray says:

” well you know why”

pisces firedragon says:

Quasi Veggie…Love you Bobby

Paul L says:

good stuff

Sherrill Hewins says:

I’ve been a Jackie Greene fan since I saw him perform at a local blues and
barbecue when he was 19 years old, I’ve been a Dead fan since I was 19. I
love this.

Russ Brown says:

Wasn’t sure how i would like this one; but as usually it’s turning out to
be one of my favorites; warts and all – thanks for sharing, love the
acoustic sets and wish more bands would get on-board. Too cool.

gordon hensley says:

first rate birdsong

sunshinemaui says:

Great show! Live both these guys and wish I’d been there. Thanks for
sharing. :-)

wrestlingterp1 says:

Wow, the old master and the new one. One of my favorites from back “in the
day” together with one of my new favorites. Thanks for posting this!

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

lil jon says:

Jacke greene give me a friggin break
This guy couldn’t carry Bob Weirs luggage .
Shouldn’t even be on the same stage.
He has pretty hair though and a cute hat …fuck man

Todd Elkin says:

whats the name of the song at 31-35 min?

Steve Nottingham says:

Makes me think of some of the acoustic stuff he did with Jerry. It was hard
to watch at times. Very emotional stuff. And being an old Dead Head, It
made me breath a little funny. Bob is a Great front man. But together he
and Jerry rocked it.. I was there and feel like I missed what it was all
really about…Sorry too stuff.

peter kite says:

Love to see these guy’s live.

FreeDog70 says:

Birdsong was incredible.

marleylove2011 says:

All I can say is….WOW. Beautiful <3 miss you Bobby…

Tyler Grant says:

Nice one Grunzy!

Butch Alano says:

passing on the torch? the great Bob Weir w/ up and coming Jackie
Greene(actually has been around 10 or so years)

vin smith says:

Why have I not seen this yet?

Stuart Walker says:

put your good thoughts to some good use instead of trading it for what you
just shared or may the sacred plant fill you with a love that out does your
ego! i Love You

Barney Fie says:

Well, thanks for not inviting me on my birthday to watch you two
collaborate…sure it had to due to the short notice, and your inability to
guess my birthday. Thanks for the belated birthday present. Yabba Dabba Doo,

Jimmy War says:

wish i hadn’t sold my 6string banjo now.

Matt Dennis says:

The sound quality is awesome! Can’t wait for more Bobby!!

juntiusvt says:

Hey- what’s that banjoguitar that Jackie is playing? anyone know? Banjitar?

JPapst says:

Anyone know what kind of percussion type stomp bobby is showing at around
49:00 ?

CountBakula2010 says:

Jackie, drive up tp Tahoe with a small group of good friends. Buy some of
your favorite beverages, find a small secret corner of the world up there
and then drop a single taste of acid-kinda like your first try of tapioca
pudding at morning break in kindergarten. Let your fingers flow, mind
wander, pipes sing. Great voicebox!~

YumaChris ChrisFromYuma says:

WHOs that, A lill Jerry? I Don’t know, but it sure does feel good. God
bless the Grateful Dead.

Seoulsmoke says:

Is the yacht seaworthy? Thanks Bob, gonna use that one.

breakactionck says:

I saw these guys six days after they filmed this. What a great show!

robac57 says:

Hope jackie will always include these songs in his repertoire. Knowing his
respect for bob and phil, he probably will. If anyone ever got to travel
with those two, it would be quite an experience. A great one.

jvaish says:

This just gets better each time I listen to it.

David Tough says:

If you like acoustic Dead, you should check out Reckoning, an all-acoustic
live album from 1980. It’s really great. There’s also lots of acoustic
playing on the two classic studio albums from 1970, Workingman’s Dead and
American Beauty.

Mo B. says:

funny that jackie left phil and friends about 2 weeks later…after bobby
was so nice to him at this haha

Halliday7895 says:

its funny when you make a comment about the tone of a performance and
saying the performer is lucky and talented….yet some hyper negative
instigating people have to take it upon themselves to correct my social
network behavior…they must be behavial experts or just bored people who
dont think about Sound Quality and Tone as much as others…others who
understand that a good artist can sound bad because of the sound system
setup. Relax people.

tetrahedronify says:

You the man, Bobby. I started seeing the Dead in the late 80’s. Thank you
for all the memories and continued years of wonderful music!!! Thanks for
posting Bob sounds great with Jackie

Mr100patches says:

The questions part sucked, but the music was pretty decent. Bird song,
Maggie’s farm, Friend Of the Devil. [questions being read] Stealin’, Loser,
[More questions read] China-Rider.- Standing On Shaky ground

Mike Clark says:

I love bobby!! Love it when he screams. Go bob w goooo!!!

Josef Antinucci says:

Thank you for posting! Did anyone jot down the set list with the time
stamp? So helpful when playin’ on the home system.

kc12112 says:

Bob is kinda crotchity during the interview, while jackie is as always
freindly and gregarious.

William Baldwin says:

damm bobby, you got old. guess i better stay away from mirrors.

Butch Alano says:

agree….Reckoning is a must own

donnyjeffcoat412 says:


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