Bob Weir “Black Throated Wind”

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cody parnell says:

I wish I could grow that stash… Cudos on the song and the stash

H Timezone says:

Jerry’s solo stuff had the ability to give me that shiver and so this. Well
Played Bobby. I am left in an infinite void somewhere between Mars and St.

cody parnell says:

Im just going to hit the repeat button now

GreyRoom Kush says:

I’m now 41. Bobby Weir has been a part of my life my entire life. This is a
long way from the pink polo that Bobby wore every day in ’93…much respect
Bobby. I wish we were all at Buckeye Lake with a balloon. We are
everywhere…we will will survive.

Kelly Bridges says:

that was beautiful, Bobby. Thank you. 

Tom MacNally says:

anybody have a link to a tab for this one??

GreyRoom Kush says:

Brings tears to my eyes.

Umberto2 says:

wow, this is good. love you Bobby!

august west says:

Still ok

Ell Oneal says:

Happy Birthday !!!

Bob Weir

d lish says:

silver lining to jerrys passing: bobby doesnt have to shave anymore. go

SpecksWorld says:

Very nice !

Kent Phillips says:

Amen Bobby. . . great version. 

cinnabun4 says:

What’s to be found racing around.. You’ll carry your pain wherever you go 

bearswin1985 says:

“You ain’t gonna learn what you don’t wanna know…” 

Brandon Kingston says:

Happy birthday bob much love hold on keep the dream <3

oils Bdabbin says:

hope all is well Bobby! eternally grateful (~);} for all you have done. 50
years of keeping us dancing..

Mike Sharp says:

‘What’s to be found, racing around,
You carry your pain wherever you go.
Full of the blues and trying to lose
You ain’t gonna learn what you don’t want to know.
So I give you my eyes, and all of their lies
Please help them to learn as well as to see
Capture a glance and make it a dance
Of looking at you looking at me”

Jay Shatsky says:

Slammin !!

Dallas Crawley says:

You owned “One More Saturday Night”.
It owned us.
Do the math. :)

Whitney Phillips says:

tugs on my heart

12Radius says:

Great acoustic Bob Weir !

Jeremy Casimir says:


Karin Karin says:

Bob Weir “Black Throated Wind”

Tamara Milam says:

Love ya!

dancenstar says:

love his voice <3

Robert Allen says:

Keep Rocking Bobby!

Joseph Caldwell says:

first tear since middle school.. first cold sweat since the flu in 08

Cliff Pollack says:

lovely…he is special

Tiffany Renshaw says:

I’m drowning in you

Turgorful says:

My favorite Bob tune. Thanks for posting

Thomas Fallon says:

As if I needed another reason to love Bobby, here it is…

Furthur Phollowers says:

Bob Weir “Black Throated Wind”

dorian casiraghi gray says:

16 de octubre de 1947 nace Bob Weir en San Francisco , California, Estados
es un cantante, compositor y guitarrista, más reconocido como un miembro
fundador de la banda Grateful Dead . Después de los Grateful Dead se
disolvió en 1995, Weir realiza con los otros , más tarde conocido como The
Dead , junto con otros ex miembros de los Grateful Dead. Weir también fundó
y tocó en varias otras bandas durante y después de su carrera con los
Grateful Dead, incluyendo Kingfish , The Bob Weir Band, Bobby and the
Midnites , Scaring the Children, RatDog y su nueva banda Furthur ,
co-dirigido por el ex bajista de Grateful Muerto Phil Lesh.
Bob Weir “Black Throated Wind”

Furthur Phollowers says:

Check out our new page!!!

Bob Weir “Black Throated Wind”

cbthethird says:

YES YES YES excellent!!

Always been one of my favorite tunes. This is a great version and Bobby
sounds so good… ahhhh nice way to start my morning

Michael Rancourt says:

Hell yes

Nick D says:

Glad u took it so well. Good on you

bryan kelemen says:

Bobby really hits it on this one.

whisperingsin says:


George Carlin says:

This deserve more views.

USSichiro says:

Always been one of my favorite bob songs. Thanx

DeadheadRI says:

Thank you Brother Bob.. felt as well as heard..

Ed Ward says:


mclearyb says:

great acoustic version…..amazing for a solo performance……well written
song by Bob Weir (1972)

Josh More says:


bcoffill23 says:

love it. Classic Bobby yell at 6:06. it doesn’t get any better folks.

Cyndi Ackermann says:

I meant Stephen, that I was born in 1959 and destined to fall in love with
Bob Weir. Yup, that is all I meant with my comment. Thanks for asking. :)

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