Bob Weir & Ratdog – “Deal” – Mountain Jam 2014

Bob Weir & Ratdog perform “Deal” live at Mountain Jam X on June 6, 2014.

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Directed by
John Deeney

Executive Producer
Gary Chetkof

EIC/Line Producer
Chris Andersen

Audio Mix
Chris Andersen

Video Engineer
Michael Mapes

Camera Operators
Lee Capenetti
Steve Marlowe
Brian Occhipinti
Dennis O’Clair
Jeremy Schaniel
Matthew Schaniel
Raj Sirohi
Aaron Weisblatt

Audio Technicians
Jeff Notti
Troy Pohl

Event Screen Graphics
Sol Romano

Post Production
Dino Davaros

Remote Video Facilities
Nevessa Production Woodstock
Unit 3

Special Thanks
Atomic Pro Audio
Jay Koppleman

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Grill Cheese It


Pam Mcanelly says:

Happy Birthday Bob!

Dexter Jones says:

I wish he didn’t feel the need to be Jerry Bob was fine as himself.
hardcore old heads know jerry sang certain songs for a reason. 

Agostino Cavani says:

Bob Weir & Ratdog – “Deal” – Mountain Jam 2014:

Judith Curtis says:

Good to know the Grateful Dead will really never really die with you
around. Way to go Bobby, Beautiful

Umberto2 says:

God, I’m glad Bob is taking time off. He looks so tired and old. Fuck. I
hate this. 

Kyle Bakerson says:

Oww, I love their pianist ! :D

Silvia Aldovini says:

Just uploaded!
Bob Weir & Ratdog – Deal- live Mountain Jam 2014
#bobweir #Mountainjamfestival 

Mike Kroschel says:

like this Deal

Donna Fox says:


Autumnleaf2011 says:


WDPR ontheair says:

ok I love Bobby and the gang…..I guess it my fault (yup) to compare
them…..but I would not mind a CRAZY JAM 

36 Gemini says:

A Touch of Grey Kind of Suits Him Anyway…Don’t you think? Plus, it’s the
skeleton that counts…and they never look old!
I hope to see these guys surfin’ at Hampton Beach long after the days of

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