Bob Weir & The National 3-24-12 TRI Studios San Rafael CA

Set I:
Help on the Way
Love Thine Enemy 4:33
Looks Like Rain 9:30
El Paso 19:10
Friend of the Devil 25:40
Cassidy 32:45
Daughters of the SoHo Riots 41:31
My Brother Esau 48:30

Set II:
Me and My Uncle 55:40
Fake Empire 59:59
Most of the Time
Brown Eyed Women
The Other One
Standing on the Moon
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

Uncle John’s Band
Brokedown Palace

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banger boy says:

I gotta say it again…this is sooo good!

amdarkstar says:

totall awesome. 

banger boy says:

wholly crap!!! I just scanned through this , it;s awesome !!! LLR with a
horn !! WOW , going home to chromecast this , thanks voodoo!

Andrew Arberg says:

Keep doing the voodoo that youdoo so well :)


This might be the best Post Dead incarnation yet. Well Done, Very Well Done!
Things were becoming a little stale in Further the past year or so.
This Group puts the just the right amount of shimmer and edgieness back
into these old gems. FOTD was sublime. The Trumpet in El Paso and Cassidy
was as if the songs was written for it. This ensemble seems to have
rekindled Bobbie’s unique Phrasing ability as well
Two thumbs up !!!
Love to See you tour this line up Bobby!

Robert Roth says:

Check out the TRI Studios web site it’s great.

john bartha says:

The horns make up for the utter lack of keyboards …but what the hell who
wants to be on the hot seat

John Keefer says:

Who is the kid with the Fender?

dreamwad1 says:

Great show!! Love The National & Bobby… They cover these songs so nicely.

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

tjw3999 says:

i m 45 and i feel the same my freind

tony banks says:

YES ..

Bo Noir says:

LOL funny how the times change the face of the beholder

Adrian Scally says:

Even if I knew nothing of Weir’s history, this show is fantastic. Great,
great sound.

sateliteoflove202 says:

essau still skates on mirrors

MrClaremonster says:

are you KIDDING me this EXISTS?! aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Augest West says:

I would like to thank VOODOONOLA2 for taking the time to post all the
videos he or she has posted over time. I have enjoyed everyone of them.
Especially the shows I know I attended. It’s like a flashback into time,
Trying to think what was I doing at that moment? I know that almost every
show just before the drum solo I would get up from where ever I was and
talk the guard into letting me sit down by the stage. I never was turned
down. It was great watching from there. Thank you V.

David Horn says:

I want to go to there!!

ColossoChampion says:


robjohnsonga says:

Amazing show.

dtsecofr21 says:

Nice guitar work by Sam Cohen.

Voodoonola2 says:

This is dedicated to Susu. Long may you run Boo.

dfranzen70 says:

Whoever said said “Take a Step back” …. mad props to you!

Doug Alexander says:

such a unique offering and collaboration. Pristine.

markgodzilla says:

Bob and The National are like a bizzarro world version of The Jerry Garcia
Band. I was there. It was awesome, and even beyond the best dream ever
(Thanks Jeff and Sherri!) . I got the last word. Listen to the very end.

andygooch says:

you can get an mp3 of a youtube video by putting the url of said video in
at doubleUdoubleUdoubleU dot listen to you tube dot com

tjw3999 says:

should have went from el paso to mexicali blues with the horns that would
have been great

ThornRPL says:

Where’d ‘love thine enemy’ come from? Never heard that one before.

martystier says:

As good as the old days….

James McNair says:

pure heat fire. love it! thanks for posting

the ghostwriter says:

sweet, thanks for posting this. Best post-GD stuff yet. Makes Furthur look
like amateur hour.

WeirSpirit says:

Aw man….when they broke out that Uncle John’s… can you smile, sing and
cry all at once? Yes weir can…..

Jack Friel says:

Voodoonola you are like an angel from music heaven. I thought the Archive
was the limit, now you have added full color to an already full cup. Love

Doobie Groover says:

So hot! TRI and Head Count & The Nationals

markgodzilla says:

I’m just a simple Deadhead, and I was sooo lucky to be there for this show.
I didn’t pay a cent. It was a true MIRACLE! I even got to sing-along with
Bobby at the end and you can hear my voice in the audio feed. F’ing
unbelievable. A dream come true. Wish YOU were there. What’s next?

Jason Moore says:

Wow they sound great together, and bobs voice just gives me chills.. Thanks
for the post just a pleasure to listen too:)

Melody Peace says:

A beach

deadjerryhead69 says:

Nice, and thanks I missed this.

DingusTheGenius says:

Cool band…who’s the creepy old guy?

stumadre says:

This is greatness. Only way it could be better is if they played “Rains of

cleantones says:

Thanks. I want to watch Sam jam with Bobby! At the risk of sounding
complainy, I with this was in HD. I won’t truly complain. Thanks for the

astromam82293 says:

Excellent video. What happened to Weir4ever?

Bo Noir says:

Is this from Go to Heaven? ? I used to play the shit out of that record!

Robert Saracino says:

that was the first time i thin i’ve ever seen bobby play a guitar solo.
that was amazing

charliebax1 says:

Great post! All Good Things!

madmick17 says:

Glad I found this!!!!

thegreentreesmusic says:

well this is the best i’ve ever heard bob weir sound, (after listening to
the first 3 songs). i’ll have to look up the national love the tone
colors…especially looks like rain.

dfranzen70 says:

Ok, I’ll bite – how did you get a free ticket?

sreinisiv says:

I guess I’ll have to look up some of the National’s stuff now.

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