Garcia & Weir on Letterman 4-13-1982, New York, NY (LoloYodel)

This is the COMPLETE (15 min) and 1st appearance of Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir on the David Letterman Show.

It was on April 13th 1982, during the Grateful Dead’s Spring Tour, on a night-off between shows at Nassau and Glens Falls, NY.

The introduction is funny with Letterman “teaching” Jerry how to play “Proud Marry” on acoustic guitar…
Afterwards, Jerry and Bobby revealed terrific humor in describing SF in the “early years”, the GD community, “Dead Heads” et al…

Hilarious and classic stuff.

In the middle (towards 5:55), they perform a first acoustic song “Deep Elem Blues” and then another acoustic song “Monkey & The Engineer” starting at 12:39.

PS : Bobby seemed to have a terrible “cold” …

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Tim Hanson-Mayer says:

Garcia acoustic!

david brinkman says:

I have a better quality video on vhs but i cant put it on disc because i do not know how

Toni Francis says:

More fun than a frog in a glass of milk?   Oh Bobbbbbbyyyyyyyy.

epiphany difference says:

Great interview. Epic. Two of the coolest musicians ever.

Jim Brinegar says:

Wow thanks for a great upload. Didn't see this coming!!

Henry Thoreau says:

Yeah Bobby's happy…..look at those pupils during the close in shots….big black trippin eyes.

supercross junkie says:

Weir is dosed for sure.. I never got these guys. Their not good musicians. And how would the audience no any way their to stoned to realize anything.

cwhitpro says:

This was Awesome ! thank you. I made a video of the dead shows in Chicago a fun video with deadheads in the parking lot to the fun of the show..

RSG gattart says:

I am Grateful for this!

Joe Dooley says:

Jerry was such a sweet guy

Sam Williamson says:

Jesus, Jerry; that was fuckin' nasty. Such a good solo.

Jason Dotson says:

Dave showing Jerry how to play "Proud Mary".  Right on.

ufoimtc says:

Bohemian Grove MK Ultra CIA OPs.

sugar magnolia says:

Wow! I was lucky enough to have grown up in the bay area at this time….but moved away in '70.. at age 16 .to l.a. probably smoked out with these guys in the Haight but did not know who they were at the time….although I was told. Most epic band ever!

King Brian says:

Jerry R.I.P.

dana chell says:


Adam Sekuler says:

this is amazing, happened upon it last night

Ryan Poe says:

this is amazing, happened upon it last night

John Walker says:


MIchelle Tennant says:

We Miss You Jerry :(
Our lives have never been the sane since your departure… Namaste Jerry God Bless you in Heaven

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