Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir – Interview – 10/29/1980 – Good Morning America (Official)

Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir – Interview
Recorded Live: 10/29/1980 – Good Morning America – New York, NY
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ronson232 says:

2:17 Stay together another 15 years and then straight to the Great Beyond.
Of all dimwitted morning show hosts, this one turned out to be the most

Mr. Tulip says:

Holy shit that guy went to over 75 shows! Talk about dedication, deadheads
were something very special. Would’ve loved to lived like they did

FortWarren says:

“Keeps us out of trouble….out of crime…” Awesome line 

Steve Ulman says:

I so needed to see this…. Bobby is on.…lmao

67psych2 says:

This Interview Looks Like It Was Filmed In The ‘Golden Girls’ House, Wonder
If They Ever Played A Concert In St. Olaf.

Jose Stella says:

I so needed to see this…. Bobby is on.…lmfao

Steven Chris H says:

I saw about 100. Im 52 now and the memories are great. Do I miss i? You

Jeff Clemetson says:

Ha. Jerry called her a chicken.

Sammy Sweet Tooth says:

Crazy love for jerry.

Ryan Maggio says:

And back to animal sounds.

Joe Smalley says:

What was Bob about to say at the end about animal sounds? 

James McGinness says:

Jerry calling her a chicken lol

Marc Muser says:

The craziest part of this video is she says they’ll stay together for 15
more years, it was almost 15 years later that Jerry died

rm1133 says:

When I think of the Grateful Dead, obviously I think of Good Morning
America. Right up their alley.

Red Barber says:

Had never seen that before, and really enjoyed it. “Sheer intense burning
hatred and revenge” indeed!

druzil2112plyr says:

Jane you are an ignorant slut!

Simple Man Stan says:

2:34 Jerry whispers “chicken” underneath his breath when the reporter said
that she reported outside the venue instead of the inside. Hahah. I love

waydog1126 says:

Man, she doesn’t have a clue as to what its all about.

Bill DesJardin says:

One of the best things about the Dead was their connection to historical
music that Jerry refers too. Its all good so check out everything!

valkor73 says:

john lennon was still alive damn

chris mozingo says:

Chicken! hahahaha Jerry!!

James Bale says:

lmfao chicken

Chris Holcomb says:

How did they get Jerry to wake up that early?

Aaron Morgan says:

I’m a Deadhead. Can I get some love from you guys like at the concerts of
yore (since I was too young)? Peace!

MrLukesTube says:

Bob is so stoned here haha

Dean Haydar says:

Great video however the whole 15 year thing was a scam, they celebrated 15
years earlier that year in Boulder Co..

Nuthane says:

the ending makes it

Becca P says:

It would be cool to get the interviewers linked to the video and do a “what
are they doing now” video… 

Daniel Pasko says:

I’ve been to several hundred myself. Jgb tour as well. I followed them for
over ten years. There’s nothing like a dead show! furthur comes close but
is not the same! JERRY 

oneloveinus says:

That was sweet……Joan London is so naive and beautiful…..she tried to
make them fit into her neat box but her world and their world……heaven’s
be……like a flower in a pot of gold with these two…..

FLOR DE MARIA Romero says:


Donnie Tibbetts says:

Good stuff

john wright says:

We need a million more jerry garcias and bob weirs!!! 

Deus Vitam says:

The Devil can make anything look so pretty. I walked into Bobby as he was
coming out of the hospitality suite at the hotel they were staying at in
Boulder Colo. in 1980
I was reaching for the door to go in just as Bob opened it and was face to
face maybe a foot in front of me. I was completely shocked at what I saw.
He looked like an hundred year old re-animated corpse. His skin was grey
and had deep wrinkles about 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep. I looked into his eyes
and saw right into his soul. It was cold and very full of hate. I had a
hard time trying to speak, I said something nice about the latest album
(Highway to Heaven) to try and break the spell. He just looked at me and
kinda snarled.
I had originally met the whole band at their Studio in San Rafael in 1974
and was introduced by their Road Crew member/manager who was a good friend
of mine.
I had been at the Gig earlier that day and had sat at the back of the
stage. I had become a Christian in 1976 and had begun my journey breaking
away from the drug scene. During the drum solo the Band members were
gathered about near where I was sitting and I began to pick up on a very
evil vibe. They were talking amongst themselves and looking over at me, and
I heard one of them say.” He has a different spirit. None of them ever said
a word to me and made it very clear I wasn’t wanted there. I never sat back
stage again. The next time I saw them was in Denver Colo. in 1981. This
time I just bought tickets for my friend and I and found a nice private
place to sit where the stairwell was going up overhead and It was a place
where I could just relax and kick back.
Sometime into the first set I noticed these (people) standing in every
opening of every level of the arena wearing outfits that looked like Grim
Reapers costumes.
Complete with the big Hoods obscuring their faces.
I was getting high and I had a really mellow buzz. I just laughed and said
WTF? It looks like these guys think it’s Halloween. Then The music started
to get really weird.
It began to take on a very discordant sound. My friend looked at me and
said what the hell is this crap? I told him. I have seen these guys in
concert maybe 50 times and I have never heard anything like this. It wasn’t
really music at all. It was like the kind of sounds you would expect to
hear in hell. I still had a really great buzz and wasn’t the least bit
disturbed by it at all. I just thought to myself; this music has changed
and it is not like the Dead anymore.
While the music was getting more and more evil sounding Bob Started to
scream. Burn…Burn… Burn…Burn really loud. Then He screamed YOU. and
as he screamed it he pointed out his finger and went all the way around the
arena and stopped when it pointed directly at me. At that moment the music
stopped. 30,000 people turned to see who he was pointing at. I was at first
very calm, but as I looked at the faces of all the people I was shocked. It
was like they were under a kind of spell. I began to get a little nervous
as he just held out his finger pointing at me. Then I began to get a little
pissed off.
I thought to myself. You dirty Bastard. What a fucked up hateful thing to
do to me. I realized that whatever was going on was surely demonic and I
immediately knew I was protected by the blood of Christ and there wasn’t
anything they could do to me. After everyone had finally turned back around
and the music started playing again it sounded like crap. Very evil and
Demonic. I got up to leave and while I was walking by the concession stands
I noticed by the looks on the faces of all the people working there they
also knew There were very powerful demonic forces in that place.
I went to my van in the parking lot and my friend showed up in about 10
minutes. We discussed it and I told him what I thought about it. My opinion
is that The Dead had entered the Kingdom of Darkness and were channeling
from Satan himself.
I went back to the concert the next night to observe them and to bind Satan
over them. I am the one who Bound Satan from being able to assist them and
use them as his instruments. The music that night was as if it had always
been before. All the great songs without any discordant notes. I would go
to one of their concerts about once a year and Bind Satan again over the
entire band. Jerry Garcia died on my Birthday in 1995.
What I am about to tell you now will surely make me sound like some kinda
lunatic, but I have pictures to prove it. If I didn’t have the pictures I
wouldn’t believe it myself, and I would never have repeated what I saw.
In 2005 I was stepping out of my bus out at my ranch in Colorado. I happen
to sit down and glance up at the sky for only a second. Something caught my
eye and I looked back up and saw a very strange cloud formation. This was
not like any cloud formation I had ever seen before. Colorado typically has
cummulas clouds and this one was very dense. It had a shape something like
a ship of a sort. It had a rudder at the back something like wings to steer
it. It had a neck and a head on the front of it and the neck was turned so
that the face was staring at me. It was the face of Jerry Garcia. He was
giving me a very dirty look. I was shocked for a moment and then I
remembered I had a disposable camera just inside the entrance way of the
bus sitting on the counter. I jumped up as fast as I could and grabbed the
camera. By the time I snapped off a couple pictures. The neck had begun
turning back to face North west as I snapped off the pictures, but you can
still see his face with his beard clearly. I have pondered this for many
years, and all I can say is He must be some kind of disembodied spirit.
He probably had sold his soul and is stuck in this state of existence until
Judgement day. I would like to say I don’t do any drugs at all, not even
pot. I wasn’t stoned that day and I wasn’t having any kind of hallucination.
I have been a Christian now for 40 years and live for the true God Yahweh,
I am a true follower of Savior, our Lord, and our King Yahshua.
I do not lie and I have not made any of this up. GOD Bless…..

cengeb says:

Joan Lunden is where now?

john wright says:


cengeb says:

what a bunch of loads!

cengeb says:

Rolling Stones are STILL selling out ARENAS, these two jokers are like
talking retards!

cengeb says:

worse band ever….damn they sound like shit!

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