RatDog @ TRI Studios – Set 1 – 1/25/2012 (HD)

Set 1 from RatDog’s premiere at Bob Weir’s TRI Studios on January 25, 2012:

Jam -
The Music Never Stopped -
New Minglewood Blues
Money for Gasoline
Eyes of the World
Even So -
October Queen -
The Deep End -
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Ashes and Glass

(sorry, there are a few hiccups)
(sorry, i don’t have set 2)

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Tony Danis says:

Great job, pairdoc, best Bobby I’ve seen in a long time. I had other plans
this evening, but I’m watching this repeatedly instead!

Joseph Hoydilla says:

There’s room enough for big and small festivals……..We’re all doing the
best we can and I applaud Bobby for still playing…..”it’s all good!”

Rick Brenner says:

Awful. Sounds like a failed garageband. Weir never would have had a music
career at all if not for Jerry. 

Tony Danis says:

Love Bob Weir, but outside the Dead, he can very iffy!
This, however, strikes me as quite fine indeed!

Sean Lafferty says:
Kim Deleon says:


Reckoning888 says:

A great take on some good ol’ dead tunes. After all these years, Bob Weir
still has it pretty good.

Dan S Wang says:

Saw them for the first time in Madison two nights ago. I think Ratdog was
the only GD/post-GD offshoot that I had not seen. It was a great show. I’m
on board.

manchestercitizen says:

Love Bob Weir, Love Ratdog – but this set is an average, slow, un-energetic
effort, and the setlist is a real snoozer to boot. It’s like they all took
benadryl before the show. Half-step is just terrible. Ratdog is a great
band having an off night here.

Don Benzel says:

Best of dead in my opinion rat dog jams more than further I’ve seen plenty
of shows to no this and everyone has bad days listen to more than one then
give your opinion

Fatz Treeboy says:

a fine wine?….IMHO he is more like a beer n a doobie

Clyde Drake says:

bobs a fine wine

Tim ODonnell says:

Note to self: Enjoy this from time to time…

Aaron Frank says:

Sean small. Go fuck yourself

gage Brown says:

there were a couple of spots i heard bob get a lil off but its still dead
music by dead heads and its mother fucking bob weir!!!! he will always
rock!!! grateful for dead heads!!!

nate johnson says:

One thing is for certain, while it appears Bobby his aged – upon listening
closer its clear that its only his flesh. Still has the spirit he did back
in 72, 40 years ago!

Andrew Baldwin says:

can’t wait to see these guys perform in march!!!

Daniel Odom says:

that’s an ignorant comment , its fuckin awesome (~);} he’s a genius in
every way . i don’t know what you hear ,it sounds great in anyones book. 

George L says:

Cant wait for the Capitol shows in March! BOBBY RULES!!!!!!

Patrick Rosenella says:

the lightning bolt was brought in by owsley..who may or may not have
beleived in the light..he seemed to be quite the esentric……

Melody Peace says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Ben Karon says:

what is the song that starts at 39 min?

kerrgal says:

What’s the song that starts at around 0:47?

sean small says:

Bob should just hang it up and call it a career. He can barely play any
more. This is just awe full.

JerryGarciaofToledo says:

I got tix for my wife and I to see RatDog in Detroit 2014. Can’t wait! My
colleagues are wondering why I am so happy at work today while I
am listening to this. I guess it’s too bad that they will just never get

oberhaupt79 says:

Will the brass section be on the tour in March? From what I can tell, they
won’t be.

mark belek says:

wish thay would tore with this whole line up

murphybeans says:


makwabid69 says:

Great sound! But the drummer was spacin’ when it came time to return to the
main part of ‘Never Stopped’…believe that’s why they used to call it DOPE.

Terraponix2011 says:

Bob’s boss.

JMV FRVA says:

I so love this lineup !!!! Please Tour !!!!

grandbbq says:

I miss the Dog

k dilkington says:

jesse pinkman on sax…

Charles Schoebinger says:

It’s called a saxophone lol

lotkidspinner says:

I absolutely loved this! I can’t get enough. Hopefully with furthur only
having such small summer plans we can get this line up out for a little

Anchovy Rancher says:

Mark Karan and Steve Kimmock! Yay!

TwoFaced Moon says:

Great Eyes. RatDog should go back on tour after Furthur’s fall tour.

Paul Mckissock says:

Rob Wasserman

Megan W says:

AWESOME show…Right on point. So glad it’s up to re-watch! I was so
confused during set break haha

Ryan Walbert says:

This makes my every single day

sralmy2 says:

I love the Dead and Ratdog but I must say this. RATS backwords is STAR. Dog
in essoteric circles refers to sirus the Dog Star. Sirus and the dog star
represent LUCIFER, the shinning one. Also, the lightning bolt of the Dead
going through the skull represent the same. Like the elites, I believe the
Dead, or those associated with them and/or guiding them believe in Lucifer.
Not “the devil”, but rather, the shinning one as they like to put it. Dont
believe me? Ok. Give me a better explanation…

murphybeans says:


DeadAhead6595 says:

Killer opening

Amy Sykes says:

What is the bass players name?

DJmiles89 says:

They sound so good, this group really brings new light to the dead tunes.
Wish Bob and Ratdog were still touring. Great Stuff

Steve Rain says:

lol the first 20 seconds start with 1 , wait wait….classic

Ginny Mcintosh says:

Hey Thank you!! Had to work a double that night n only caught the last 3
songs….this is GREAT!!

bigbuzman says:

sorry but this one didn’t even come close to getting off the ground . way
too slow – no bounce – too much plodding – bob’s vocals sound good tho –

Kevin Kelsey says:

The background vocals in Dancin’ are Painful!!!!!!

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