Grateful Dead – Tennessee Jed

Washington, DC June 14, 1991

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Grill Cheese It


Ted Hobay says:

I read the comments and some said they wish they could have seen the dead show …well by jolly you did ..time travelling at its finest …….I'm heading back to Tennessee . ..

Zach Snider says:

Andrew I cracked up 

Shine Georgie says:

He blacked my eye and kicked my dog

Michael Poe says:

Great song, great version of the song. But Bobby Weir those are some short shorts!

Steve Haire says:

You cant go back but this brings me close…ty for posting….Go jays

Ron Lucci says:

I love crusty the clown

Scott Haker says:

i think I was at this show. R.F.K stadium, Washington dc in June 91or92

Michael Broda says:

Okay, just watched this the 4th time…it rivals the Europe '72 Jed. Is this show in the Dicks Picks series?

Michael Broda says:

Trying to find the JED I saw in that tour in the Indiana show that year, but found this and this is incredible. Funny, based on the last posters comment, my older son used to tell me how funny it was that "the dog talked to him" when we listened to this song in the car. That same kid now has a 5 inch Steal-Your-Face Tattooed on his right leg. After I yelled at him for getting a tattoo, I thought to myself "wish I had one of those." Hornsby looks SO young here. They had a good run in 91. If I had been as sober as Jerry was (briefly that year), I would remember some of it.

wangson says:

man is bruce ever hot on this one!!!

Todd Shuman says:

I remember this show

Felicia Pate says:

If there's a rock-n-roll heaven,  they truely have one helluva band.  Thanks,  Uploader.

Robert Cirincione says:

Love the story! Love the song!

Judi Messina says:

Why does this band have two drummers on two complete drum sets????

Paul Kneissler says:

still best band ever, rock on Jerry they were amazing

Mercer Pickens says:

Jerry's hair, 'nuff said. So Glorious!

Jed Rogers says:

My "Theme Song".  Thank you very much.

jonvanvliet says:

which one of yall???

Mark Greenberg says:

Jerry and Bruce together — what a joy!!!

MillCityJam says:

wow – video quality is outstanding !!  and so is Jerry's hair !!

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