John Mayer Trio – “Vultures” at Crossroads Festival

John Mayer Trio performing “Vultures” at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in Bridgeview, IL on June 26, 2010. Video shot in HD from about 10 feet back dead center on the floor

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Mihnea Sechely says:

Maybe it didn't occur to you that probably it was Mayer who didn't want this to be on the final DVD. Not everything goes perfect every time, and, as you can hear, there were a few mistakes. Even on Gravity, which was included on the DVD, there were a few measures of the solo taken out.

I love Eric Clapton so much, words cannot describe it says:

One of the coolest guitar i've ever seen!

pharoah246 says:

You forgot Belief.

Djentleman1991 says:

I went to this show, I remeber how everyone was kinda like booing and like looking down at john mayer before he even played, then he came out and played an awesome set, and won the crowd over. Everyone was shocked

Djentleman1991 says:

i know man i glad someone else noticed it, i was at that show and honestly this guy had that best sounding drumset the entire night. Maybe something with the woodhoops. But yeah the whole day it was like well that drumset sounds cool, then this guy came on and me and my drummer where like god dammmmm!!! The entire kit sounded great for their set.

daverobertsonmusic says:

Your comment just confirmed what I was thinking, I could have sworn Rene handed him another Stratocaster at the end of Who Did You Think I Was but the next shot of John you see is him with the 335!

MixatoFreeKill says:

this should has been on the DVD!!!

Darío González Ivars says:

Thumbs up if you think 0:30 is simply an aphrodisiac.

Wilson Lemos says:

this is one of the best john's songs. This guitar groovin during the whole song is just amazing.

Tyler Hooper says:

Not that it matters entirely, but does anyone else think John was high for this performance? His voice sounds tight in this video and the other. Also, the groove he does on Ain't No Sunshine sound like it was influenced by the chronic, and I'm not saying that in a negative way. I think you'd have to be high to feel a groove like that lol.

dmc2dante says:

maybe the editors thought John screwed up at 0:12

albertstroke says:

holy shit that kick drum is mic'd to perfection

bast ardos says:

yea ronnie winwood was good

yay says:

@telecasterblues1952 wtf he did wait until tomorrow eauhfgyauifhgsaiuhfaifasif i need that shit ill looose it if i watch that

Nathan West says:

@pwnage826 yup, his whole set, he seemed a little off.

pwnage826 says:

is it me or does john seem like hes really faded here

Jonah Tran says:

@dwellsspit Not real gold, right? That'd be a heavy fucking guitar.

mollet09 says:

how much time do you have to be before the show to be that close?? what was the price of the entrance?

edwebo says:

man this was a funky vultures. i won't sleep now lol

Jacob McCaslin says:

You know a lot of people compare Steve Jordan and God. I mean come on people. He's good and all, but he's no Steve Jordan.

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