Phil Lesh & Friends (with John Mayer) – 6/12/15 Terrapin Crossroads “1977 Show Pt. 1″

Phil Lesh, – Bass & Vocals
John Mayer – Guitar
Stu Allen – Guitar & Vocals
Scott Metzger – Guitar & Vocals
Scott Guberman – Keyboards
Pete Lavezzoli – Drums
Alex Koford – Drums
Jeannette Ferber – Vocals

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mike albert says:

Well there may be a bunch of old soon to be dead 'dead heads' who don't like Mayer being on stage but its clear Phil and the guys luv it. I see the same from Bob and the other guys in Dead and Company toward John.

Octavio Abel says:

song at the 34 minute?

Cal Coleman says:


Cal Coleman says:

From an old head… dexterity is everywhere; soul is rare – this young guy has it.

Bruce Dodd says:

anyone know who the woman is singing?

Tyler Dang says:


VibrationsfromMirror says:

58 minutes in! GO SCOTT!!

jeff8275 says:

I love seeing a Travis Bean in action it's such a great sounding guitar

Dave Carter says:

I love how John Mayer plays guitar so intensely that his veins in his neck pop out…

Casey Lockwood says:

So much to be learned from this video. A bunch of top notch musicians communicating on the spot and having a killer jam. Really enjoyed this.

Rishabh Gajra says:

You know John Mayer is about to step it up when he changes his guitar at around 1:53 and boy he does!

Rishabh Gajra says:

John Mayer, comes out from background after 20 mins. Just loved from there

Pedro Abrahones says:

Thanks for posting it, Sam! I'm glad you make it through the LOTR triology!!

Grant Z Price says:

now I want to get out my tapes

Ashley Cooper says:

1977 is my favorite year in the annals of Grateful Dead history.

Christian Ries says:

Wow, the girl singing Donna's part is completely unneeded- just like Donna!

Freddy JimJim says:

Mayer's transitions are labored, his tones are weak and his abilities just aren't enough to play this type of music. He is a fine player, but not good enough.

tcn1965 says:

nice to have a Donna who can sing!

kyle garrett says:

So much LOVE!!!
(drummers, do not take notes. Lay into the GROOVE>)!!!!!

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