The Late Late Show Bob Weir and John Mayer Perform Althea

John Mayer and Bob Weir – Song originally from the Grateful Dead

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jmack619 says:

ahhhh bob saget!!! why did they remove truckin

tee2green79 a says:

i didnt know Tony Clifton played drums??

Bob Finn says:

Bob's got an unmailed letter in his pocket. Who do you think he was sending it to?

JFrankBadasz says:

this is just spooky, considering how great my recent Dead & Company experience was lol….gooooo Dead! :p

Conn Guy says:

Simply fantastic.

MT Flyer says:

I love John Mayer, but someone has to tell him a loose tie only works if you unbutton the shirt

Vedran Balic says:

to those few of you who are over thinking this, remember that this is a tough tune to play, even more so to keep up with as it's taken to the improvisational level. sure, they practiced it, rehearsed it for this show. but much respect to Mayer (or however you spell his Dutchy ass name) for having the patience n skill to taking the lead in this endeavour. and those few idiots who are saying "wahh wahh, cry cry it's not Jerry",, well.. no shit, that's a redundant ass thing to point out, nice version of althea. period,,,

Tim Hutt says:

Im pretty sure that is Agron from Spartacus on the bass Lol

Joe Conti says:

Mayer is no poseur.

Max Mendeloff says:

calm before the storm right here

Luke Maggioli says:

2:47 the moment when Bob realized he'd found the guitarist for Dead and Co.. i mean look at that face. When it comes to jamming in a band setting, there is no better feeling that that of the one on Bob's face at that moment.

stewrules says:

Great use of the Neon pick-pattern.

Morten Andersen says:


quincywho says:

For someone as talented as Mayer, playing with these guys is a breeze. Just pure chemistry and tasty jamming.

tomvigorito says:

saw the show on halloween and the first at msg and I gotta say Mayer absolutely destroyed these shows…he held back in all the right moments and took control when we needed…phenominal job Mr. Mayer, this coming from a wild phish fan, I hate to say it but in MY OPINION Mayrer blew Trey out of the water.

Catherine Band says:

Psyched for Philly!

RonPaul Revered says:

jumping jack chicken strat john mayer playin Althea hahaha

Nipper Jellie says:

Happy Birthday Bob and John!

Dreadlock Banana says:

Now they doin a fucking tour.

Augest West says:

I don't know..I guess John will work out OK with Bob and the new DEAD show…But it's like a hat that people try on and sometimes just doesn't fit ya know? I have had this attitude since Jerry passed so I get very critical over shit like this. HOWEVER I was like who the hell is Trey and he not only turned out to be great he blew my mind. The one 50th show when they did all the old stuff like from Aoxomoxoa and all….I was just taken back into time..IT WAS AWESOME!! So we'll wait, We''ll listen & we'll see, Right?

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